Tim Keltner, Business Development Specialist

Tim Keltner
Business Development Specialist

Tim Keltner is the Business Development Specialist for City Wide Indianapolis. He started with City Wide in July 2010 and brings ten years of experience in call centers in customer service and sales support as well as two Associate degrees.

 “Personally, I am a huge Science Fiction fan and love books and movies. I have had a short Horror story published and plan to follow my writing aspirations after I retire. I am also a gourmet cook and a singer – a trait I inherited from my father and I sing at church, weddings and funerals for family and friends. I spend most of my time following my children’s interests in music, drama and dance and I serve as the president of the Kansas City Dance Theatre Company - a not-for-profit children’s dance company founded by my wife’s mother in 1986. My wife is the Artistic Director of the company and has been teaching dance for 38 years. We met at her mother’s dance studio when I was in high school. Me and a couple of guys decided that we could act and sing, but if we wanted to make it to Broadway - we needed to learn how to dance. We all three fell for our young and beautiful dance teacher – but I won her heart. I am most proud of my two children, Tevan, who is 19 and in his second semester at community college in the Animation program, and Trenna, who is a straight A’s sophomore in high school, studies voice, piano and dance and has the second lead in her school musical “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” My wife, Tauna and I (yes, we all have T names) are truly blessed with two wonderful kids.”